Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Transporter 3 Poster Art

While Mark is away, he may click on the blog and see what is happening and I thought I would surprise him with the new poster art for Transporter 3. Mark is a big Statham fan (a little bit of a man-crush happening there). The poster is for the french release of the film and has quite a Bond-esque feel about it, don’t you think? The movie is released November 26th.




Anonymous said...

A great picture of our friend, Mr. Stratham. Number symbol looks too much like the Rush Hour one for my likening. I checked for trailer and sawed the new Transporter 3. Mr. Stratham has necklace placed on wrist that explosions if he fails great mission. I beleieve he will find solution to removing necklace and then he will cleverly place explosion on the bad leader :-)

Baltar's Mojo said...

I pretty much done the figurin' out for how Stratham getz the explosive device (necklace?) of his wrist.
He jumps in a pimped up car, shoots off a ramp, flips the car upside down thru the air, puts out his arm, and let's a nearby crane hook brush against it thereby breaking the wristband and exploding while he speeds away.
Oh, and that similar scene in Transporter 2 was when the frickin' franchise JUMPED THE SHARK

MARTINI said...

Which Rush Hour are you talking about Kallie? I'm confused as usual LOL
Funny I saw this today... Last night we had our usual 'Bad Movie Tuesday' club and I co-axed the Transporter 3 (sorry, Mark) and Babylon AD for the Coming Attractions. I think you're right Baltar, Transporter 2 'jumped the shark' with that scene. After that, I thought Stratham could get out of any jam. Wasn't there a scene in the first movie, where Stratham deflects a missle with a frying pan? I swear I saw it in the trailer... but don't remember it in the actual movie. Mark, help me out here.
Alan: Our feature film last night was the brand-spanking-new DVD of Postal and I think you need to do a review of it. Seriously. Uwe Boll has evolved into this weird hybrid of Paul Verehoven & John Waters. Plus it had JK Simmons, Verne Troyer, Dave Foley (with full frontal nudity!!!), the wacky Egyptian dude from Stargate, and Uwe Boll as himself (he says my favourite line: "Yes, it's true, I fund all my movies with Nazi gold")
LOL WTF? There's a lot of cringe worthy gore, totally demented humour and Uwe Boll's Ed Wood style production values. It looks like they filmed it in Vancouver at an amusement park called Fantasy Gardens. I really think this movie will become a cult clasic. It kept me more interested than other crap I saw this summer like Speed Racer and Wanted. Check it out!

Hermophobia said...

tee hee... I ALMOST bought Postal last night, now it sounds like i gotta! I opted instead for Nixon. Just finished re-watching JFK... I dunno why, but I am so eager to see W.


Babaluzer said...

Martini... he deflected the missile with a silver serving platter. It was when his house was being blown to rat shit.

Just to clarify things, I'm not a huge fan of the Transporter movies. Ask Allen. I felt ripped off because it *wasn't* Luc Besson directed, only written and produced. Regardless, I'll probably buy it when it comes out (and drops in price) because I'm a fan of Statham. I do hope that there will be one or two surprises in it.

Baltar... I agree with you about the car flipping over to get rid of the bomb under the car with the hook was a bit much. But, you'll have to agree with me that the eye candy was probably worth the price of the DVD.

MARTINI said...

Geez Mark, no real sense to seek redemption for your likes/ dislikes - We wouldn't come here and listen to you guys if you weren't cool.
I just stumbled across a Fan Edit of A New Hope, burnt a coy, and it works magic on a good Hi Def system. I don't feel bad downloading it because I have 6 different versions of the movie on VHS and DVD. This new edit fixes A LOT of the tech issues that were found on the official 2004 rerelease. It also tweaks a whole buncha scenes- but never too extreme. The final duel with Obi Wan and Vader is 100 times better. This guy who made the edit has done what millions of dollars couldn't duplicate. It's called Star Wars Revisited and pretty easy to find on torrent sites.

Hermophobia said...

I have bought and re-bought the damn star wars films so many times i should be a freakin' major stockholder in LucasFilms!!!
Do you listen to the Hollywood Saloon? They did an episode completely devoted to the releases and re-issues of Star Wars on home video...
if you geek out on that kinda thing, it is a very cool listen!