Monday, August 11, 2008

Hermophobia #3: Pimento?

Our third kick at the can was plagued with audio problems, which we will have ironed out by the next podcast (we hope!). Adhering to the mantra `the show must go on,`on we went as best we could.

This week Mark is perplexed by Pride, while Allen hates on Blu-Ray.

Again, apologies for the audio quality!

Discussed on this episode:



  • Pride Parade
  • We Have a Listener!!!! Shout out to Martini and thanks for the comments
  • Dark City
  • The "I'm Rich" i-phone app
  • Podcast Spotlight: Smodcast
  • Kevin Costner
  • Zombie Zombie video
  • Earworms
  • Remake Watch: 10, Rock n’ Roll Highschool, Six Pack & more
  • Blu-Ray: It's such a scam! ABI Study, Carrie, Ammityville Horror
  • Dvd/Movie Picks

    B00195FUDC.01.LZZZZZZZ51892HGXAYL._SS500_Allen`s Picks:
    The Descent



    410B7RNYNGL._SS500_51XVPNHH0NL._SS500_Mark`s Picks:
    Ghost World




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    Baltar's Mojo said...

    sup peeps I think I saw the Rock & Roll High School and it didn't have Ramones. Corey Felman from Goonies was in it and he looked like Michael Jacksin and he sang/
    The Dark Knight B.S on that site is crazy man They should ban those guys who vote down movies. Did you see the movie yet?

    MARTINI said...

    Oh no - If you are bringing up Mark's IMDB vent from Episode 2, this might get messy. Banning voters on IMDB for messing with the Top 100? You must be crazy. Have you seen the Top 100? It's ALL wrong; not just the Highest Ranked.
    BTW, "From Justin To Kelly" IS that bad... Nobody was wrong in putting it in the bottom 50.

    MARTINI said...

    "WALL-E" is ranked as #26 on the IMDB Top 250, "Citizen Kane" is ranked #29 - Do I need to go on? Case closed.

    Hermophobia said...

    Hey guys

    thanx for the comments! It's great knowing there is actually someone listening! who knew?!? ha!

    Baltar's Mojo, i think the flick you caught was "Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever" (, a direct-to-video "sequel" that had so little to do with "Rock 'n' Roll High School" that even Mary Woronov played a different character than she did in the original. If you have not seen the original, check it out - it's fun.

    MARTINI, i agree that banning voters on imdb is not a solution, but i think they can come up with some sort of algorithm that would spot films that get swarmed and adjust the votes accordingly (if a couple thousand people are suddenly voting dark knight up and godfather down - somethings up!). however, the fact that imdb is owned by and sales of new movies are always stronger than those of classics, having some high profile upcoming dvd releases on that list in their interest. I also agree that the most popular definitely does not mean it is the best, but a user generated list on imdb is as valid as an AFI list, they are just for different people.

    loving that there is some discussion happening here... keep it up guys!


    MARTINI said...

    But an algorithm that you're proposing, Allen, would just become a form of censorship. My friend who's a listener pointed out on the weekend that there's approx. 150,000 votes for TDK with a perfect 10. The Godfather has about 7,000 votes of 1. So, at the very most, 1 in 20 voters are doing the silly stuff. Ok, so what does this have to do with censorship? ... When I saw TDK, there was a group of teenagers in the audience; when the credits rolled one of them exclaimed quite audibly "That's the best f*cking movie ever, man". Ok, so that kid would give TDK a legitimate 10 on IMDB. When I was 14 years old, Terminator 2 was like the Second Coming of Christ. At the time, it would get a 10, in my testosterone fueled mindset.
    You ever asked a 12 - 17 year old about The Godfather? Some might like it... I've heard others call it a boring piece of shit. So some people might actually give it a 1 on IMDB. The point is: There may be a FEW voters out of the 7,000 questionable IMDB saboteurs who may be ranking these movies as they truly feel. Having an 'algorithm' remove this voter's right, as it tries to spank the little fanboys (who are desperate for an Event Movie in their generation) would be very, very disturbing.

    Hermophobia said...

    hey Martini... i do believe that the ones that voted up dark knight genuinely believed that it was the best movie (til they see the next best - ha!). i guess i am just really bothered by the act of voting down of godfather to elevate dark knight and it kinda pisses me off that they are getting away with it. in the end it makes the imdb list shady and dark knight's place on the top of it dubious, like pia zadora's golden globe or george w's presidential elect - something about it is just not right!
    just for the record, i am not wounded by the fall of the godfather or anything, i thought it was a good movie, but it is not my favorite by any means.

    Anonymous said...

    Yo Gs keep it up *The Memento DVD is from a few years ago I think, its not new or did you say it on the show?
    Scarface over Godfther - The Lowes cinema near me uses IMDB rating for viewers. Who needs it up Nobody uses it that I know Yuo just avoit the shit like Travelling Pants unless on a date
    Lord of the Rings was the event movie for us Martini*** Dnot be a hater man

    Babaluzer said...


    Even though I watched the movie when it first came out, the Memento DVD set was new to me. :o) I just bought it last week.

    Anonymous said...

    I looked online about the Canada dollar gouging which MArk was talking about because I didn't think it was true. Theres this magazine in Canada called MAClains, it's like TIMe magazine in the US and they have a cover story on it right now! My earworm this week is 'I kissed a Girl' by KAty Perry

    MARTINI said...

    craigmunroe - Aren't you the pencil avatar in Second Life? ROFL I'll need to go back on and check if you know my nick.
    LOTR wasn't an Event movie. An event movie transcends Box Office AND Demographical Expectations. LOTR Trilogy was marketed by the coked up Hollywood ad execs as an Event Movie before it was even released. No surprise when it gobbled up the Box Office. The only Event Movie in the last decade was "Passion of the Christ". TDK is an Event Movie too, even though the chest-bumping 15 year old fanboys tried to taint it on IMDB.

    Baltar's Mojo said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Baltar's Mojo said...

    yeah right man Passion is the event movie. theres other blogs for religios talk. this is about tech and movies. woot Dakota - I kissed a girl is sooo catchy girl

    MARTINI said...

    Passion is the only Event Movie - And it has nothing to do with religious conviction, godammit.
    Event movies before that: Titanic, ET, Star Wars (1977), Jaws...
    TDK was not perfect. Bob Kane is probably rolling in his grave over those stupid Bat goggles that make him a knock-off Daredevil
    Did you ever consider that Mark might actually write for Macleans? Or he's prophetic or something.

    Hermophobia said...

    Hey Martini...
    i gotta admit, my initial reaction to your claim that The Passion was an "event movie" was... "nuh-uh!" but I found an article that supports your argument ( I think this is a really interesting subject; the difference between a blockbuster, a sleeper, an event movie, etc, and i think we may be discussing this on the next podcast which we will record over the weekend (likely saturday night), so if you (or anyone else reading this) have more input, please share it. You can email us at

    By the way, it was me that was bitching about the price gouging, and a big thanks to dakotachick88 for the heads up on the Maclains article - i will pick it up on the way to work tonight.

    thanx again to all for their comments... keep em coming!


    MARTINI said...

    Thanks for the link!
    So what Box Office warrents a blockbuster these days? 200 mill? 300 mill?
    This might be off topic, but The Incredible Hulk was viewed as a huge success (140 million Domestic so far) even though its budget was almost twice as much (when you factor in advertising... 260 million easily). "XFiles: I want to Believe in Creepy Clairvoyant Pedophile Priests" was a failure, when it recouped its low-ball budget in the first two weeks (Worldwide).
    TDK just overtook Star Wars, all time #2... But watch out, Lucas is unleashing Clone Wars today - it's gonna mop up the competition LOL