Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hermophobia #5: Geekgasm!

This week Allen basks in the afterglow of the Benatar concert while Mark forgoes rubber ears and attends Gatecon.


discussed in this episode:


Neil GiraldoPat Benatar 

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MARTINI said...

Sorry I missed the very ending, but all that Texasville gushing made me have the urge to play in traffic. I will watch it again, because the Mr. Movie Trailer voice has a hypnotizing effect. What's up with the early '90s and strange sequels... Texasville, The Two Jakes, Godfather 3, Two Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.
So MArk is going down to Ontario - Where else in California are you visiting? Get lots of pics - And does this mean the show is on hiatus, or will Allen do a live call-in show with his fancy new phone?

Hermophobia said...

hmmm... so Martini, is that you volunteering to co-host next week if mark can't do it? :o)

Babaluzer said...

As much as I like California, that's not the Ontario I'm going to. I'm heading back East to Ontario, Canada. I am planning on getting as many pics as I can, but when you go to the same place every year, they all kinda look the same.

I still have to see how things go before I can say whether or not I'll be able to do the show. I'll be quite off the grid where I'm going; my cell phone doesn't always get a signal there and the nearest wireless access point for my laptop is about a 30 minute drive away. Fun!

MARTINI said...

I want B_G_X to call in
She beat you guys with Supes on her blog. You coulda had her for field reporting at Anime Fest in Vancouver's university this weekend... that was what came up first when I googled Van cons because I wanted to see what MArk was guest hosting at Gate Con... All I kept getting was Anime Fest LOL

Baltar's Mojo said...

Good job Kallie/ Geisha X! You beat the boys at their own game.
I have a quadful of Must-See-TV this Fall, but firsties, I must apologize for da gross comment altho I still think it coulda saved the franchise. Al, I saw Teeth a few months ago, and you're right it's just as pointless as Alien 3 (I kid, I kid). To showz my newfound maturity, I'll refrain from responding to da Battlestar bashing.
Ok herez my top 4 Fall shows word
#4 Knight Rider (so kool)
#3 Worst Week (Kurtwood Smith da man)
#2 90210 (Yay ugly Torrie is gone!)
#1 Scare Tactics

Honourable mention: Hole in Wall

CommaSootra said...

Mmmm, Pat's hubby is delightful. He actually was on Y&R as himself a while back. It says on his MySpace that he been married to Pat for 25 years. How is that for true love?

MARTINI said...

Whoa Carly, you're right, I checked on IMDB when I got home (stupid Mobile Web is sh*ts for IMDB) and indeed Neil Giraldo was on a very special episode (actually 2) of Y&R.
After checking IMDB though, I must commend Allen and Mark for fooling us all and putting subtle bridging between topics on their show. That is so cool that Neil Giraldo also wrote a song on... Texasville! Keep up the awesome work boys, and we'll keep trying our best to keep up with the wonderful nuances.

MARTINI said...

Oh dear, I see storm clouds in the distance regarding all the BSG talk LOL
First of all Mark, I think you need not worry about the show being as loose and convoluted as a Oliva Munn nipple slip. The finale will tie it all up neatly. You're a gambling man (Mr. Poker), I'll put 10 down on Ronald D Moore doing as good of a wrap up as he did on Star Trek: TNG. Damn, he even wrote the only Mission Impossible that made sense.
Something of interest to both of you guys, I read on WiiNews last night about a BSG story (sorry, we were wasted and I forget the news source). It went on about how BSG was a bit ratings hit for Sci Fi in the first few seasons, now it's sucking balls. Jamie Bamber (Apollo) noted in the article that he's more popular than ever - People stopping him the street endlessly. The weird phenomena of a show losing ratings but have a mushrooming viewer base is speculated to be due to new tech like PVRs and File Downloads that allow viewers (more than ever last few years)to watch BSG whenever they want. The factor of the DVDs (which are a rare set that I actually buy) is also explored. It's speculated that BSG is the best example right now of the influx of modern tech impacting traditional ratings systems like Neilson. cool huh?

Hermophobia said...

BSG definitely appeals to a segment of the population that is able to access their media in non-traditional way, so difference between actual eyeballs on TV during Sci-fi's airtime vs actual viewership is pretty understandable. I know that my schedule doesn't conform to airtimes. It must really frustrate the network and advertisers, and shows how the industry is going to have to be more innovative in bringing their products to the consumer - sort of how mark was talking about with the direct-to-dvd releases. A show set in an alternate time and universe doesn't exactly lend itself to product placement! ha! :o)
I don't own the DVDs yet, but with the end in sight you know there will be one big box by this time next year and that is what i want.
Here is a link to some quasi-spoilers EJO let out at a recent con...


MARTINI said...

Hey EastMiamiSizzle, isn't The Pick-Up artist getting renewed for season 2? Baltar left it off his list LOL
BTW What's up Raiith? You sneaking comments on the First Podcast board? I see all man. You must have some thoughts on BSG!
P.S. I have Razor and Season 4.0 for you to pick up