Monday, September 15, 2008

Hermophobia #8: Now With Less Rat Hair!

After a seemingly endless week Allen and Mark take time out to talk film and tech… and the scary side of generic products!   


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long kiss gladiator

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Anonymous said...

oh oh
That's an Alamo Drafthouse poster for The Thing, why all movie sites make hummage to Austin Texas? It not really special. I sure there is fine Thing poster from Canada

Babaluzer said...

True enough... the poster that I remember for the movie looked more like this The Thing.

Anonymous said...

That man who drawed the Thing poster that Marc speaks about just retired from life of drawing posters

Baltar's Mojo said...

A prequel to the Thing would be cool beans, guys. I mean Alien vs Predator was a prequel to Alien because it happened centuries before and it was awesome. Let's not forget the superior Star Wars prequels, and the prequel to Star Trek - Enterprise. Godfather 2 was more like a flipping prequel and it was better than the first one. Prequels rock. Not like some moronic attempt to continue a franchise like that bloke Jason Stratham and his crappy Crank: High Voltage.

MARTINI said...

Re: Broadcast quality
Mark, episode 8 sounded like you were talking in a tin can. Very hard to hear you at times. Al, you have no problems.
Re: The Thing prequel worries me... I really don't know many modern actors who will grow lotsa facial hair to play the Norwegians. Plus THEY'RE NORWEGIANS. Who's gonna cheer for the Norwegians? Current audiences are pretty shallow in general; just look above this post for solid evidence.
Re: BlockBuster Blue Balls: It WASN'T just Netflix... Blockbuster hired the Taco Bell CEO in 1995 and his corporate vision destroyed the company. They lost billions of dollars on his bright idea to include for-sale CDs and toys (all ridiculously overpriced). It was already going to hell by 2001.
Re: Nightbreed. Yay. If you wanna go on a geek quest, there's a really, really cool Nightbreed movie inset found in most May 1990 Marvel comic books. It lists all the monsters and the pics are pretty unique publicity shots that I've never seen anywhere else since. It's quite a few pages too.
Re: Al's Sarandon Mom fetish: Guess we're gonna get a Speed Racer DVD review Episode 9
Re: Ball Licking Easter Egg: ROFL - Nothing escapes my ears

Babaluzer said...

The first thing I have to say is this: Baltar, are you on crack? Superior Star Wars Prequels? Superior? Gah!

Martini... Sorry about the audio. I have this problem of sitting in my chair comfortably. That leaves the mic a bit too distant from my cake hole, whereas Allen is close to giving his oral pleasures. Heh. I'm going to try to get the mic a bit closer next time, or maybe even talk a bit louder. I'd hold on to the mic and do it that way, but then my excellent vocal quality would be over-ridden by the thumps and bangs of the mic in my fidgety hands.

The fall of Blockbuster isn't completely caused by NetFlix (and its kin), but you can't deny the effect that it has had on the marketplace. There will probably always be a market for the brick and mortar store that carry videos, etc., especially for the people that HAVE see a movie as soon as it's released to dvd. NetFlix can't quite offer that same sort of instant gratification yet, unless you go with the digital download option. Hmmm... I guess it's the same argument as the ebook vs. real book. DRM vs non-DRM.

Hey! I should go to bed before I start making even less sense and my message gets even more convoluted and non-topic related. :oP


PS: Happy Birthday Joyce!

Babaluzer said...

Martini... actually, if I'm not mistaken, the Nightbreed insert was in DC comics. Epic comics (owned by Marvel) picked up the series though. I wouldn't mind seeing the art in that insert... when I have a bit more time and I'm not so tired I'll take a boo for it online.

Anonymous said...

hee hee
When you look at what Mr. Mark said last posting: Replace words "mic" with "balls"... I sorry real time please forgive me Sirs

Baltar's Mojo said...

LOL Dat's totally true, Geish, you crazy byotch