Monday, September 8, 2008

Hermophobia #7: If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Let Me Say It!

Mark is back from his vacation from the far east (Ontario!) while Allen is having a run of bad luck.

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MARTINI said...

I think the story of missing money in a Safeway parking lot is sad and strange. Alan, why’d you have that much cash in your pocket to start with? Did you just rob a bank… or was Pat Benetar having a garage sale?

Moore is doing this so-called goodwill gesture because the general public despises the guy. Farenheit 911 made him so much dough, he could wipe his butt on 100 dollar bills. He MIGHT claim thru IRS that’s he’s middle income bracket – But how convenient he uses such a claim built on the financial bracketing developed by the GOP. If he makes a movie with any Democratic spin, it will surely work against him. This’ll be making Republicans laughing all the way to the polls. He’s got to shut his yap until after November. The comment he made about Hurricane Gustav/Hugo was extremely distasteful. It’s just not recent stuff… The death of Heston bit him in the ass – Although Bowling came out years ago, a lot of people were pissed he attacked this icon of Hollywood… especially in light of Heston’s battle with mental degradation over the last decade.

Thanks Alan for reviewing POSTAL. Screw Hellraiser remake. I wanna see a Nightbreed sequel! Mark have you seen House of Sand of Fog? Don’t diss the director man. A lot of the character driven stuff in Sand & Fog was pretty creepy and I think it would lend really well to a Poltergeist remake. C’mon Mark, I could’ve been Brett Ratner or Mc G.
Rocky Horror WAS based on Off Broadway – What’s wrong with a remake? Richard O’Brien can shut the hell up. I’d be honoured to have my theatrical script to be revisted every 20 -30 years with a group of talented actors. Sarandon’s just upset that there’s no acting role for chattering corpses in the new one. Rocky Horror’s originally a theatrical work. We can put up with multiple successful remakes of Hamlet on the screen. Let them try it again – Don’t hinge on the original MOVIE experience.

Bag lickingly yours,

Hermophobia said...

Hey martini...

Ironically, I had the cash on me for safe-keeping... I am that paranoid freak who is always worried that "someone might break in", despite having a big dog with a big bark here. I know - dumb! Dumb! DUMB! Needless to say, lesson learned!
Ok, was that a Nightbreed slag? Cos I loves me that movie! I can understand a world where the monsters are misunderstood and the police, priests and psychiatrists are the baddies! Not to mention that my Canadian hero David Cronenberg was beautifully menacing in it. The novel, Cabal, was the only Barker book i was able to make it through and loved.

not licking any bag, thank you,

Anonymous said...

ThANK YOu HErophobe hosts to praids Jean Reno as I have done recently during his Peter PArkered heart malfunction. Bless you all and thank you Jean for Professionals and Godzilla and Deep Blue Sea
-kallie yue

Baltar's Mojo said...

Yowie dat's a lot of ball licking in that podcast. Mark said it like 5 or more times dude. Maybe he had a Deliverance moment while camping in Canada.
Postal ruled. I jus saw it - First half was very good, then it got boring after Mini Me got raped by monkeys

MARTINI said...

I actually enjoy a good ball licking, when I can afford it...

No, Allen I was not being a slag re: NightBreed. It's one of the most under rated horror movies ever. They messed up the publicity for it: 20th Century Fox did massive edits and even used a gosh darn poster image from another movie - Bad Dreams. I want a Directors Cut with maybe some redone effects like you were mentioning could be done for Hellraiser. The make-up effects were awesome but some of the other visual shots really really stank (like the floating eyeball monster).

Anonymous said...

My fainting is McLain/ Palin will win in Nov, yoh are correct Martini that Roger Moore make mistake of his documentary makes symphony for Republican cause. Why no vice president in Canada I wonder? Or vice prime mister?