Monday, January 5, 2009

Hermophobia #21: The Movies of 1994 – Part II

Mark and Allen continue discussing the films of 1994… and Mark distinctly says “she!”1994b

discussed in this episode:

  • The stars of 1994
  • The directors of 1994
  • Horror Movies of 1994
  • Dramas in 1994
  • Westerns, Documentaries, and Foreign Film of 1994
  • Siskel & Ebert's Top 10 of ‘94
  • The Oscars
  • Overlooked, Under-rated or Forgotten Films of 1994
  • Over-rated and Best Forgotten Films of 1994
  • Mark and Allen’s Top 5 of 1994

    COMING SOON: 2005

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    MARTINI said...

    Great show!!!
    Damn. More snubs of incredible foreign films. The Tin Drum (1979), now Three Colours (1994). You guys need to watch these.
    What’s wrong with Beverly Hills Cop 3 Mark? It is one of those movies you can watch over and over again – As it’s so bad, it’s good. The background stuff in that movie was f*cking awful hilarious like: George Lucas’ cameo, set mashing the Universal Backlot tour (Cylon Warriors in the Earthquake ride), the Gawdawful Dinosaur Ride that Axel Foley uses to beat the bad guys. How the hell did the director of Animal House come to this? – Once Ratner does Part 4 however (*spoiler* Billy gets killed in the opening), Part 3 will be a CLASSIC.
    Hey, these weren’t BIG films as you alluded to at the end of the show – But they are some that still get a run on the player every so often. Just like BHC3, and Exit To Eden actually. I totally forgot that movie. It was seen as a fantasy film, yet Sex Romp Islands are now reality!
    Road to Wellville was good simply because most of what you see is true history. It’s not some whimsical fantasy period comedy. Kellogg was a total nut, and Hopkins nailed it. There’s a bunch of documentary films on the subject and it helps to flesh out what you’re watching in Welleville.
    Blank Check is a Disney Kids flick that harkens back to the time when the Mouse House took chances. Great performances by Brian Bonsall (not JUST the ‘Family Ties’ kid – But also Worf’s son), but Miguel Ferrerer steals the movie as an over the top gangster. He runs over this little kid’s bike and is too busy to buy a new one, so he writes the kid a blank check. And the kid fills it out for A Million Bucks, and hilarity ensues. This movie still holds up after 15 years – Great, light fantasy escapist fare. It completely captured the ‘What If A Kid was Handed a Million Bucks’ scenario that we all dreamed about in our childhood.
    Man, 2005 is next. Good luck you guys! That year profoundly sucked. Do you cushion your Good Years in between Bad Years? Because 1973 is gonna rock! Nothing from me on 2005 really… Oh wait, Kung Fu Hustle! Grizzly Man! 2046! Enron – Smartest Guys in the Room! That’s about it. These will be sadly missed, because surely Mark will want to devote at least half the show to the glory that was Transporter 2.

    Babaluzer said...

    Martini... first thing I have to say is Thank You! (more on that later)

    BHC3 - the only one working in that movie seemed to be Eddie Murphy himself. He was doing his best to elevate that poorly written script and the phoning-it-in performances by his costars, in a movie that should never have been made. Murphy did a great job. Too bad the material was just so shitty.

    See, I was going to say that Brian Bonsall played Worf's son, but I get a lot (and I mean A LOT) of ribbing from Allen for my affection of the Trek franchise.

    Are you kidding about 2005 being a bad year? There's some great movies, nay, Fantastic movies in 2005. I do take a bit of exception to you assuming that I thought Transporter 2 was the best movie of the year. You'll know what I mean when we do the show (if I remember to talk about it).

    Now for that thank you at the beginning of this note. Thank you for reminding me about Kung Fu Hustle. It's not on our big list of movies because it has a 2004 date stamp on it (according to the IMDb), but those were just film festivals. It didn't get a theatrical release until 2005. Stephen Chow at his finest! I was a bit disappointed when I heard he was pulling out of directing Green Hornet. There's a rumor though that he might stay on for the role of Kato, so here's hoping. :o)