Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hermophobia #19: The Movies of 1988 Part II

Mark and Allen continue and conclude their discussion of the films of 1988.


discussed in this episode:

  • The stars of 1988
  • The directors of 1988
  • Horror Movies of 1988
  • Dramas in 1988
  • Siskel & Ebert's Top 10 of ‘88
  • The Oscars
  • Overlooked, Under-rated or Forgotten Films of 1988
  • Over-rated and Best Forgotten Films of 1988
  • Mark and Allen’s Top 5 of 1988 .


Coming Soon: 1994


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MARTINI said...

Yeah! I admit defeat. There was an amazing documentary on Turner Classic Movies this weekend called “The Age of Believing: The Disney Live Action Classics” and it was a comprehensive look at Disney’s foray into live action film – From the 1950s onward. They got all the way to Apple Dumpling Gang Returns (1979)… then right next it was “Tron” (1982). Sadly, The Black Hole was omitted. And at least Mark got shafted too: “The North Avenue Irregulars” wasn’t mentioned either. Hey wait, “Condorman” came out in 1981. They missed it too!

Looking forward to 1994. I’m starting to get into this format change. Wow, what a year for sequels of sequels to crappy movies… If only we can get the 1992 Episode when we look at the King of Crappy Sequels of Sequels (LOL jk) Let’s see. There was:

That’s Entertainment III
The Return of Tommy Tricker
Death Wish V
Ghoulies IV
Puppetmaster V
Trancers V
Watchers III
Class of 1999 2: The Substitute
Mirror Images II
Relentless IV
Dream a Little Dream 2
Deceptions 2: Edge of Deception
Caged Heat 2: Stripped of Freedom
Seduce Me: Pamela Principle 2

But seriously, maybe you can check these awesome 1994 Hidden Gems on your show: Blank Check, Road to Welleville, Spanking the Monkey, Kika, Zero Patience, Cronos (not sure if it’s 1993 or 94)


allen said...

Hey Martini!

There are a few Disney films from that era that get the red-headed step-child treatment. The Black Hole, The Watcher in the Woods and Something Wicked This Way Comes all had their initial DVD releases through Anchor Bay, not Disney. This led me to think that they were independently produced and only distributed through Disney and the rights reverted back to their original owners, but it turns out that was not the case. I did a little reading and found that The Black Hole at least, was completely developed and produced through Disney. So I guess they just leased the rights to Anchor Bay temporarily, and Disney has since released the three themselves and the Anchor Bay versions are all out of print. Don't ask me why, but I find all this stuff fascinating, especially since Disney is so controlling over their library. It has only been very recently that you can get titles from their library any time you like – they always used to put their stuff in moratorium and it would be years between re-releases. That used to cause quite a bit of demand. I remember back in the late 80's or early 90's VHS copies of Lady and the Tramp were going for $400 apiece. Maybe Disney finally got tired of getting cut out of the action.

I am so impressed that you think Zero Patience is a film of note. And I think you are absolutely right – I love this musical comedy about AIDS. The singing anuses alone are worth seeing the movie for! LOL I used to have it on VHS, and I have the soundtrack on CD, I have yet to get it on DVD yet though. However it, Cronos and Kika are all 1993 films. Both The Road to Wellville and Blank Check are films I have seen, but may have not even mentioned. I am curious as to why they stand out for you. I'm not judging, just curious! :o)

Happy Holidays! We love getting your feedback!


MARTINI said...

Yeah, I thought they were earlier. I tend to just rattle off movies from the top off my head, and not verify with IMDB. But 'Spanking the Monkey' is 1994 - You must add that to the line up. A cinematic classic - And it's not what you think it's about... maybe it's even worse - I saw it 3 times in the theatre. This is where MILF originates; not Stifler's Mom in American Pie five years later. Now Jeremy Davis is slouching around on Lost I think.

That's pretty cool about the Disney flicks. I never thought about the Anchor Bay situation. I know Disney was in economic flux during the early 80s until Eisner and Wells saved the day. There was talk that Disney was in the process of selling some of their assets (including the theme parks!)- Maybe these movies fell into that category. No, that can't be the case, because I remember that Disney used footage from The Black Hole on some of their rides as far back as 1981. So Disney must have always had the rights to the film. Another Disney flick the latter '80s, 'Flight of the Navigator', also hasn't had a good DVD version. I'm hoping that these movies will get the Disney Treasures DVD treatment - I mean we've gotten other obscure stuff like the Silly Symphonies, Swamp Fox and Disney Rarities from that line.